Sliding Fee Scale

     To provide the best possible services for all clients, regardless of their income, Renew Family Therapy Center operates on a sliding fee scale.  This means that the lower your income, the lower your fee.  All clients are asked to bring proof of income to verify where you are on this sliding fee scale.  Proof of income includes pay stubs, child support stubs, governmental aid stubs, social security statements, or income tax summaries.  Annual household income is used.  Typically payment is expected at each session.  If this does not work for you, please let us know and we can make alternative arrangements, for example, paying once a month if that is how you are paid from your job.  Exceptions may be made at the sole discretion of the staff for extreme circumstances such as unusually large medical bills with proper documentation of such bills.  Currently, payment can be made by cash or check only.

Fee Schedule:

Clients with an annual income would pay the following per session
$100,000 or more $125
$80,000 – $99,999 $100
$50,000 – $79,999 $80
$30,000 – $49,999 $60
$29,000 or below $2/every thousand

Minimum fee is $15 per session.

     For workshops, presentations, and groups, please call for fee schedules, as these vary by group with discounts available for non-profit organizations such as schools, churches, and service organizations.